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Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney

As experienced Birmingham criminal defense attorneys, we are prepared to help you fight any charges you are up against. With experience in both the state and federal courts, our firm can help you fight for your freedom, no matter the situation. Call us for a free consult to get started on your defense today.

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Tenacious Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been arrested, or are suspected of a crime, you need a defense lawyer on your side, fast. Do not speak to police, or admit or deny anything, until you have consulted with an attorney. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we take pride in getting a fair and rightful trial for each of our clients. No matter the situation you are in, we can fight for the best possible outcome. Call to get a free case evaluation today.

Our firm represents those accused of both state and federal crimes, including:

No matter what kind of criminal charges have you seeking legal counsel, we will dedicate ourselves to providing a fierce and proactive strategy aimed at securing your rights. We have devoted our careers as criminal defense attorneys, helping our clients get through the most emotionally devastating ordeals a person can endure. With a well-earned reputation for being a team of tenacious and zealous advocates for those who have been wrongly accused or tried, we are here to protect your freedom.

Drug Charges

For drug charges from possession to manufacturing, and drug trafficking to prescription fraud, we can help you. Whether you are dealing with charges on the state level or on a federal one, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side rapidly. Whether you are a first-time offender who can’t wait to get on with your life, or are a repeat offender who is facing severe penalties, our firm can help you. We understand that mistakes happen, and that what you are being accused of might not actually be what happened. We will investigate every angle of your case to find the best strategy to represent you. Call us now to get a free consult and get started.

Fraud Charges

Fraud crimes are taken very seriously, most being dealt with in a federal court. If you, or your company, have been charged with any fraud crimes, you need a savvy defense lawyer who can begin fighting for you right away. We offer a free case evaluation to hear your side of the story, and learn the details of your case. During this consult, we will advise you on your options, and where to go from here. If you choose us to represent you, you will have a tenacious advocate for your freedom, always aiming for the best possible outcome. Call us to reach a criminal defense attorney who won’t back down from protecting your rights.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Cyber Crimes
Virtually any crime committed using a computer or the Internet can be classified as a cyber crime. Most commonly, these are things such as identity theft, child pornography, or illegal hacking. While the prosecution might feel they have strong evidence to convict you with, there are many defense strategies we can employ on my clients’ behalf. One major point to realize is that in order to convict you, they must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was you who committed all aspects of the crime they are charging you with. We will force them to prove each and every aspect of this, which isn’t always as cut and dried as you might think. Proving one’s identity on the Internet, as well as one’s intent, or knowledge of a criminal activity can be quite challenging. A criminal defense attorney who is familiar with federal crimes can help you. Call us to discuss the merits of your case, and see how we can assist.

Violent Crimes
For crimes such as murder, manslaughter, arson, robbery, and the like, a defendant can be up against the harshest of penalties. If you are facing charges of violent crimes, call us to find out what options you have. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney is what you need right now. Do your research; your life could depend on it. We will make sure you get the legal representation you deserve to fight for your life as you know it.

Drunk Driving
A drunk driving conviction could ruin your life. From massive fines to jail time, and larger penalties for repeat offenders, the penalties can be life-altering, to say the least. If you have been arrested for a DUI, a criminal defense attorney who’ll navigate the law to fight for your freedoms can help. With over 70 years combined experience in defending all types of criminal charges, we have the skill and experience to help you find the best course for your scenario. Call us for a free consult.

Negligent Homicide
Have you been accused of another’s death? With our vast experience in challenging charges and protecting our clients’ Constitutional rights as criminal defense attorneys, we can say wholeheartedly that it’s absolutely vital you secure a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. The legal system will move quickly against you. Without any legal counsel to help you navigate the process, you may say things to the police, or witnesses, that will give them evidence against you at trial. We can help you.

Probation Violation
Arrested while on probation? Don’t speak to the police about it without a criminal defense attorney on your side to ensure you are treated fairly, per the law. We have the savvy to fight tooth and nail, within the legal system, for your best interest. Call us to discuss your case and get started on working towards your freedom.

Criminal Appeals
If you were wrongly convicted, or given an unfair sentence, contact me immediately to find out about filing a criminal appeal. On both federal and state levels, we have experience in getting cases reviewed by higher courts and will find a strategy for yours, too. It doesn't have to be the end -- call us for a free consult.

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Attorneys Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant, & Knight are known for being hard-working, talented, and dedicated defenders for their clients. With a sincere desire to help you when you need it most, they listen to what you need and want, and aim to deliver just that. Call our firm if you need a criminal defense attorney in Birmingham or surrounding areas.

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