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When the Government is knocking at your door...


Something tells you that the Government wants you.

You have two choices. You can ignore the knocking, hiding under the covers, hoping that it's all a bad dream or that it will just stop. You can pretend that your coworkers aren't being asked questions by law enforcement. You can try to rationalize your situation, dismissing all the signs that point to an imminent indictment. You can even tell yourself that whatever it is they think you've done, it's just a minor thing and the feds won't really care about you.

Or you can take charge. You can do something about the fact that the government is asking questions. You can put an end to your fear. But that requires you to make the right decision.

By taking charge of your situation and being represented by a criminal defense lawyer before an indictment is returned by a federal grand jury can make all the difference in the world--it can even keep you from being indicted.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight specialize in helping individuals who take a proactive approach to the criminal defense issues facing them. When you come to us, we go to work for you, negotiating with federal prosecutors on a daily basis to keep people like you out of the limelight. Our clients don't often show up in the news, and that's by design.

In the end, the choice is simple. Be proactive or wait for them to come and arrest you.

Contact the Law Office of Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight immediately if you need to speak with experienced criminal defense attorneys about drug charges, theft and property charges, DUI & traffic offenses, violent crimes, federal crimes, computer crimes, domestic violence, or a probation violation.

Our firm is in court every day vigorously representing persons who have been charged with crimes in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Columbiana or nearby communities

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