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Criminal Appeals

Do you need help with filing federal criminal appeals? They can be complex, but we have the experience needed to file large-scale criminal appeals, on both the state and the federal level. Call us to get a free consult, and find out how we can help you fight for a better future.

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Criminal Appeals Attorney

When you have been convicted incorrectly, the world can look quite bleak. Most who go through such an ordeal look to a new lawyer, with specific experience, to guide them towards freedom. We have the record of success you are seeking. With over thirty years in practice, we have handled numerous federal criminal appeals, and will give you the attentive care you need. We are prepared to fight doggedly for your freedom, utilizing any legal strategies available to your case. Call and get a free consult now and see how we can help you.

The court system is not perfect by any means. No institution that is made by men is absolutely perfect. However, the men who established that system were wise enough to know that it was not perfect and devised a way in which to catch people who fall through the cracks. This is known as the appeals process.

Judges are human beings and can make bad decisions. Whatever the cause, a court may have settled on a final verdict that was flawed and needs “a second opinion.” This is the reason for the existence of the criminal appeals process, through which you can ask a higher court to review the initial decision made in your case. In some cases it can be taken all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. We are prepared to help you at any level of the criminal appeals process.

However, you must act quickly. In the state courts, you have up to 42 days to file a notice of appeal from the day of sentencing, and in the federal courts, you have only 10 days. Contact mus to find out what to do next with your criminal appeal. As a criminal defense lawyer who fights for the rights of people from all walks of life in both state and federal appeals, we understand your situation and can help.

Birmingham Criminal AppealsThe judges on appeals courts don’t make their decisions based on the same criteria as those that are in the trial court system you just went through. Because of this, you need a criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record in the criminal appeals process. We have earned myself a reputation as a hard-charging negotiator and will give you the compassionate representation you need.

Our firm is no stranger to either the state or federal criminal appeals systems. That is exactly what you need at this stage in the appeals process. You need someone with not only the presence and the tenacity, but also a keen understanding of the entire legal system as it applies to criminal appeals. We are well versed in legal system, and will work to get you the justice you deserve.

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Attorneys Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant, & Knight can help you with filing criminal appeals in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Columbiana.

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