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Cyber Crimes

Are you facing allegations of cyber crimes? Our firm of criminal defense attorneys understand the complex legal issues involved in cyber crime cases. We have the experience and the know-how needed to mount a compelling defense in your favor. You need an experienced defense lawyer to help you fight your cyber crime charges. Contact us today for a free consult.

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Our law firm works hard to defend our clients of cyber crimes, including those facing:

There are a wide range of cyber crimes in today's world. If you are accused of any of them, you should speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our firm offers a free consult to determine your specific legal needs, to work towards the most favorable outcome for your case. We work vigorously to make the prosecution prove the accused’s full guilt, which can be difficult for them to do. Even in cases that look bleak, we will work to come up with a strategic defense that may mitigate the circumstances. Contact us to review your case and discuss the best possible action for you.

Cyber Crimes Defense Lawyer

The world has become more digitized and people rely on the Internet more than they have ever before. However, because of this, hacking and other cyber crimes have multiplied to a staggering extent. As a response to this, governments and local prosecutors are moving more and more aggressively to attempt to punish those that have been accused of cyber crimes.

This means that if you get convicted of a cyber crime, you may be facing hefty fines and even a lengthy jail sentence. You need a strong defense from an experienced attorney to fight for your freedoms. With over 30 years defending those who have been incorrectly accused or tried, we have a record of success in protecting our clients’ rights. Call us to get a free case evaluation.

Cyber Crimes Criminal DefenseA skilled computer user can accomplish so much by way of a computer or a smart phone; which makes the potential to do real harm to another individual great. However, obtaining sufficient evidence to prove someone guilty of such crimes can prove challenging for the prosecution.We are known for pushing the prosecution to prove, without a doubt, that the accused is actually the one who committed all listed offenses. If you have been wrongly accused of a cyber crime, you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who has the tenacity to fight for your side of the story. Contact us right away to discuss the details of your case.

Cyber crimes should not be taken lightly. They are serious crimes and they carry with them the potential for a severe sentence. A potential sentence for high-level cyber crimes can include: lengthy jail time, hefty fines, or restrictions put on your computer usage. We are cyber crimes defense lawyers who will defend you and your freedoms vigorously. We will strive to get you acquitted; or, where necessary, we will work to negotiate a plea that is in your best interests.

When you are fighting to protect your rights, you want a lawyer on your side that has a proven track record of success. If you have been accused of a cyber crime and want to speak to a criminal defense lawyer, please contact us today.

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Attorneys Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant, & Knight have been defending those wrongly accused, or wrongly tried, of criminal charges for over 30 years. Call our office today if you are facing charges of cyber crimes in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Columbiana.

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