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Negligent Homicide

If you’ve been arrested for negligent homicide, contact me right away. I provide a free consultation to learn the details of your case and show you the options you have. You need an aggressive and vigorous criminal defense attorney on your side, fighting for the justice you deserve. I will provide you the compassionate, aggressive defense you need.

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Negligent Homicide Defense Lawyer

When a person dies as a result of another person's failure to prevent the death, the charge that results is negligent homicide. Often the person accused is a caregiver to the person who has died and one or more of the following are present:

- The caregiver failed to provide proper care to a person under his supervision

- This failure caused or either led to the victim’s death

- There was no malice involved in the death of the victim

Another form of negligent homicide relates to the reckless operation of any kind of motor vehicle. No matter what the action, or inaction was, the result is the death of a person. It doesn’t matter whether the act was planned out with malice or not. For this reason, a negligent homicide charge is considered to be a lesser offense than a murder charge.

In some cases where a client is charged with murder, a savvy defense lawyer will get the charges lessened to negligent homicide, and thus give their client a better chance at freedom. Whatever situation you are facing that has you on this page, you need the help of a criminal defense attorney. Call me to get a free consult and see how I can help.

The main factor in defending you, if you have been charged with negligent homicide, is to correctly reconstruct the accident with the intention of proving that the accident was not your fault, but was the fault of the other person. It is also very important to show that you were not acting in a negligent or reckless manner. This takes an experienced criminal defense lawyer to prove, and I am here to fight for you.

Negligent Homicide Defense AttorneyRecklessness means that the defendant was aware of, and consciously ignored, the fact that there was a risk of danger present. The risk must make up a large deviation from the actions that a reasonable person would take under the same circumstances. Disproving this is just one way of defending a negligent homicide charge. I will look at all relevant facts to your case to find the best way to present your situation.

In a vehicle-related negligent homicide, I may obtain the testimony of an engineer who can prove that the vehicle that you were driving was defective in some sort of way. If speed was a big factor in the accident, then I will try to show that the speed at which you were traveling was not a major departure from the normal speeds in that area.

If you are facing charges of negligent homicide in any of its forms, it is very important that you speak with an aggressive negligent homicide defense lawyer to learn what your legal rights are, and what the best way of defending your case will be. I have an aggressive and thorough approach to defending any negligent homicide charges. Contact me today for your free case evaluation.

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At the firm of Michael P. Hanle, we focus on helping those who have been wrongly accused, or who have had their rights taken away from them. Call us if you have been charged with negligent homicide in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Columbiana.

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