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Defending persons accused of a violation of probation or parole requires an understanding of the unique situation the defendant is in. Birmingham, Alabama criminal defense attorney Michael P. Hanle has extensive experience representing people charged with violating their probation or parole. Such persons are already dealing with previous convictions, so there is little or no chance of getting all charges thrown out. The goal is to keep the person out of jail, while addressing the issues behind the parole or probation violation. The Law Office of Michael P. Hanle will work with all prosecutors and courts to resolve all outstanding violations.

Creative Solutions to Complicated Circumstances

Alabama probation violation attorney Michael P. Hanle works closely with his clients who have been charged with parole or probation violations to help them avoid new charges (on top of their original conviction and the probation or parole violation charge). He is often able to convince courts and prosecutors to engage in creative negotiations which may result in lenient treatment - giving the accused another chance to fulfill probation and parole obligations. If the offender is a juvenile, parents are welcomed to participate in the problem solving process. If the offender is a drug offender, Mr. Hanle may work with the drug court to fashion agreements giving the defendant responsibility and control over their treatment.

In all his parole and probation violation cases, Alabama criminal defense lawyer Michael P. Hanle listens carefully to the client's version of the events. Mr. Hanle will independently investigate the facts behind the violation to corroborate their truth. He then applies his knowledge of criminal law and procedure and his years of experience to create a constructive solution.

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