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Have you been arrested for burglary? If you are faced with criminal charges, contact us right away for your free case evaluation. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side, fighting tooth and nail to protect your legal rights and freedoms.

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Breaking and Entering

If you have been accused of burglary, or breaking and entering (B&E), then you could be facing serious, possibly felony, criminal charges. A guilty verdict for a burglary charge will not only bring steep fines and/or jail time, but it will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your case relentlessly is what you need, and our firm is here for you. With over 30 years in practice defending those wrongly accused of violent charges, we are tenacious and zealous in protecting our clients’ rights.

Depending on the severity of the burglary offense, a guilty verdict will bring about anywhere from a few months to 20 years in prison and you may see fines in the thousands of dollars. If a firearm was used during the burglary then the fines and mandatory jail time sentences will increase dramatically. No matter the situation you are in, contact us today to get a consultation and find out how we can start fighting for you now.

Burglary Defense Lawyer

In the state of Alabama, burglary is a felony offense and may be charged when a theft involves breaking and entering into another person's premises. If anyone was injured or killed during the alleged burglary, or if a firearm was used, you may be charged with a class A felony. This is the most serious felony charge in the state of Alabama. Felony convictions carry steep penalties, including anywhere from one to 99 years of jail time.

If you have been accused of burglary then you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. We have over 30 years of experience defending our clients against a variety of serious charges. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your arrest to Burglary Lawyerensure that your legal rights were not violated in the process. As burglary defense lawyers, we will even investigate the scene of the alleged burglary in order to build solid and effective legal defense that will help get the best possible outcome for your case.

A felony burglary conviction will have a very serious and lasting impact upon your life. Not only are you facing the possibility of a lifetime in prison and steep fines, but the social impact of being a convicted felon will greatly limit your life and your opportunity. After serving a prison sentence, it is often very difficult for a person to find employment and even housing. A felony conviction will also take away your right to vote. We will do everything in my power to get your charges dropped or reduced. We’ll investigate every angle of your case to find the best line of defense for you, and fight with zeal and tenacity to preserve your freedom. Call us today to discuss your case with a compassionate and aggressive attorney.

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The law firm of Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant, & Knight defend clients accused of burglary in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Columbiana.

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