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Negligent Homicide

If you or a loved one has been accused of murder, it is extremely important to get the assistance of a qualified criminal defense lawyer who can aggressively defend your rights and ensure you are not unduly punished. We will thoroughly investigate your case to find the best defense for your situation. Call today for a free case evaluation.

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Murder Defense Attorney

If you are being investigated for murder, or you have already been charged with murder, you are most likely overwhelmed by stress and fear and you probably have questions about the future. Whether you are falsely accused, the situation has been wrongly interpreted, or you made a regrettable mistake, we will provide you a defense without judgment.

We know the devastating consequences of a murder conviction, and will use every tool at my disposal in your defense. We will utilize our extensive experience in handling felony charges for violent crimes in your favor. When it comes to defending murder charges, we employ all possible resources to protect you from the power of the state or federal government. Call now to get started building an aggressive defense to fight for your life.

We offer a free consultation for you so that we can go over with you exactly what your legal rights are, and determine the best defense strategies for your case. Give us a call now; the sooner we get started on your case, the better. The state is already working hard on building a case against you, you’re going to need someone working just as hard on your legal defense.

Capital Murder vs. Felony Murder

Murder is defined as an unlawful act that involves the killing of one individual by another. While the exact definition of the crime can vary depending on where the act was committed, the consequences of a murder conviction are severe. Many courts distinguish between the different kinds of murder and there are different levels of punishment. For example, a capital murder conviction is punishable by death, or life in prison with no parole; whereas a felony murder conviction is a 20 to life sentence, or life with no parole.

Murder is considered to be the most severe crime that can be committed. For this reason, those who have been accused of murder could face severe punishments including, but not limited to:

- Prison for life without parole

- Death penalty

- Fines and other punishments and penalties

The severity of the punishment is based on a number of different factors, which could include: any prior criminal convictions, the status of your probation or parole, the general community attitude towards the crime that is in question.

Birmingham Murder ChargesAs experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyers, we will use numerous methods in order to work towards the best outcome for your case. Some of the murder defenses that we may be able to use in a murder trial include: self-defense, insufficient proof or evidence of the crime, factual innocence, insanity, and many more.

A good murder defense lawyer can get your case dismissed or reduce your charges to a lesser crime. Through gathering evidence in your favor, and devising strategies to improve the outcome of your case, we will look into your case to find the best defense for you. This could lead to getting the charges dropped, lessening the charges, or negotiating other types of punishments for you. Call now to get sound legal advise for your situation.

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At the firm of Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant, & Knight, we defend those accused of murder in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Columbiana.

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