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Have you been arrested on robbery charges? You need the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney who is highly experienced defending clients against prosecutors. Call us now for a free consult so we can determine the best course action for your case.

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Robbery Defense Lawyer

Charges of theft or robbery should always be taken very seriously as the consequences of a conviction are quite severe. If convicted, you could be facing long term loss of your freedom, a permanent criminal record, and possible probation. These are just a few of the many penalties that are associated with theft and robbery charges.

Because of the often violent nature of these crimes, prosecutors are known to be very aggressive in their attempts to get a conviction in any theft or robbery cases. You need a defense lawyer who has the skill and tenacity to build a strong case in your favor, fast. Our firm is ready to defend you against robbery, or any other violent charges. Call now for your free consult.

Armed Robbery Defense

Robbery is a type of theft that is distinguished by the use of force, intimidation, or violence in order to take someone else's property. Armed robbery refers to a very specific type of robbery that involves the use of a weapon, a copy of a weapon, or pretending to have a weapon.

An armed robbery charge, as a violent crime, is one of the more serious charges that an individual can face. These charges may be filed in addition to an illegal weapon possession, or assault with a deadly weapon charges. Should a death occur accidentally during the armed robbery, you could also be facing murder charges. No matter the severity of your case, you need an experienced and tenacious defense lawyer on your side right away.

If you are charged with simple robbery, the severity of the sentence you are facing will be determined by several factors. The most important part of the defense is often the value of the property that you are accused of stealing. Robbery charges can carry with them consequences that include fines, probation , or jail time.

Charged with Armed RobberyHowever, if you add a gun to the mix it makes the simple robbery a violent crime, and the severity of your sentences will increase based on that.

Finding an experienced criminal defense attorney when you are accused of armed robbery is very important. If you are convicted in court of armed robbery, you will most certainly face jail time, and the length of the sentence will likely be significant. Get a strong defense started now by calling our office for a free consult.

If you have been charged with theft or armed robbery, your freedoms and rights are at risk. You need a criminal defense lawyer with an aggressive attitude, and a proven record of helping clients to ensure those rights are protected. Contact our firm today for a free consultation. We will evaluate your case to help you determine a solid defense strategy, and will fight tenaciously to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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The firm of Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant, & Knight protects those accused of robbery in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Columbiana.

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